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    Veterinary Equipment and the use of Stainless Steel

    Veterinary Equipment and the use of Stainless Steel

    Veterinary Equipment and the use of Stainless Steel.


    Today we all talk a lot about the environment, recycling and eco-sustainability.

    Seeing the facts, honestly, we are disappointed and sometimes bewildered.

    We have to start from what we do. We must always start with ourselves.

    What do we actually do?


    I’m talking about my company’s experience, see the smtech.it site.

    We are engaged in the production of special equipment for veterinary and zootechnics all in stainless steel.

    We use stainless steel, why? Stainless steel is a material compatible with the demands for hygiene, cleaning and HCCP, but it is a material that is indestructible that always remains beautiful, does not oxidize and always guarantees the initial characteristics. More important is that this material comes from 70% recycled, and is always 100% recyclable without emanating fumes and rust that unfortunately painted iron emanates during casting.

    Seeing an animal on a rusty operating table, inside a box painted with toxic paints, which the animal reddens, seeing gables soiled and impregnated with non-washable materials must make us reflect and think. We can do more. We must give our best for veterinary and zootechnical equipment.


    We need to make a single item, all together, only stainless steel equipment. It will change everything in the way of being a veterinarian, in the midst of clean, beautiful and useful. The environment will be cleaner also thanks to us.

    We produce surgical tables for large animals, transparent Rx orthopedic tables for small animals, RM tables, horse stock-boxes, Whole stables and clinics, stallion riding mannequins, water treadmills, anesthesia awakening rooms, veterinary ambulances, scales all in stainless steel.

    We need qualified staff, it is definitely worth it, coming back to our customers after years and seeing our equipment as efficient as the first day is the reason that pushes us forward.

    The iron in the equipment does not guarantee the quality of work over time. The corrosion of the iron occurs the more rapidly the greater the electrical conductivity of the aqueous solution; for this reason the greater presence of electrolytes in the water such as physiological liquids and excrements, rich in acidity and salts, causes the corrosion of iron faster. when iron is used, the surgical tables lose their load capacity over time, the gates and doors become fragile, so the safety of people and animals is compromised. Then another error is added to the error, painting …. But is it possible to paint a cage for pigs and rodents, for horses and cats? No, definitely not. But everything is actually painted to be more presentable. Using stainless steel is the way and it is the solution.

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