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    AGRITECH – ORTO IN CASA – Vegetable Garden in the House

    AGRITECH – ORTO IN CASA – Vegetable Garden in the House

    SM TECH is designing many AGRITECH &  AGRIFOOD equipment.

    This is our apartment vegetable garden, which can be placed in the garage, in the attic, in the under stairs, or in the cellar.

    With very little water and very little electricity we have 4m2 of cultivation for salads, cabbage, fennel, grass for pets, various vegetables, all organic hydroponics with the possibility of choosing the composition and making by yourself the various mixed salads of the seeds to grow. we can grow and have fresh products on the table every day without dust from pollution. Here the products are not 0 km but 0 mt. Everything clean and close inside our house, wherever it is.

    The preparation of the artificial “earth” can be ordered or you can do it yourself using a carpet made of organic hemp.
    The aqueous solution is a typical mix of mineral salts and hydroponic compounds.
    Our idea is connected with an external photovoltaic panel that ensures the rotation energy and LED lighting

    Coltivatore 4m2 Rotativo idroponico

    Coltivatore 4m2 Rotativo

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