Veterinary Horse Stock Box Multi Arc

    • 28 APR 21
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    Veterinary Horse Stock Box MULTI ARC

    Veterinary Horse Stock Box Multi Arc

    Structure entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, 100mm stainless steel tube
     Internal dimensions 1800 x 800mm.
     Arch height 2350mm net under arch
     Adjustable flank height 1300mm / 900mm
     Shaped rear gate, height 1200mm, safety slot opening to be checked
     Front gate height 1200mm
     Gates with two positions two positions
     Everything can be opened from both sides for safety and horse entry / exit
     Spacer rod for horses of smaller cuts Support rings on the uprights and arch
     To be mounted on the ground with flanges and stainless steel bottom pullers
     Hook system for fluid therapy with 4 attachments and 1 bag holder.

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