Desigm Moderno e Funzionale

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    Desigm Moderno e Funzionale

    The new ecological system with significant energy savings.
    Fast drying, physiotherapy, post-washing and well-being of the horse with targeted IR radiation that heats the horse but does not disperse into the environment
    Dimension : Length: 140cm + 60cm head neck Width: 110 cm
    Minimum ceiling height: 40 cm

    Features :
    • Structure entirely in laser-cut perforated stainless steel.
    • Security system
    • Height management (up and down button): adjustable with both minimum and maximum programming.
    • Automatic lifting of the system with timer at the end of the timer program
    • Automatic lifting of the system and / or in case of emergency.
    • Red emergency button with automatic lifting of the solarium
    • Solarium exercise height can be set manually to adapt the system to each horse

    Composed of 3×2 high quality infrared radiant panels with an effective thermal power of 1200 Wat.
    The innovative materials allow a uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface.
    The insulation on the back guarantees maximum energy efficiency and optimal radiation in the direction of the object.
    Highly efficient heating process with ecologically correct type C infrared radiation for fast drying.
    Heat transport through light waves – direct heating of the object without any convective heat loss.
    Clean heat – without noise, odor, condensation and oxygen consumption
    Technical data:
    • Thermal power: 1200 Watt
    • Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
    • Overheating protection
    • Degree of protection: IP44
    • Weight: 60 kg

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